Anne Madsen Bio

Anne Madsen’s Bio

I pursued my love and curiosity of chemistry through studies at the Ramkhamhaeng University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry in 1995. I eventually entered Jub Skin Care Anne Madsenthe personal care and cosmetics industry in 2002 when I joined the staff at the Food & Cosmetic Systems Co., Ltd, a well-known leading supplier of additive and active ingredients for food, personal care and house-hold product industries in Thailand.

At the same time, my infant daughter had a problem with Eczema and itchy skin. It was very difficult for me to see her with dry, itchy skin and I really was not comfortable putting a medicinal cream on her skin. Having an educational background in Chemistry and recent experience in the personal care industry I felt very strongly that the right combination of natural ingredients and modern technology would be a safer option so I formulated a natural anti-itch moisturizing cream for my daughter. I was extremely careful in choosing all the ingredients for my formula to make sure it would be safe for my baby’s skin. The resulting creams worked so well for my daughter that my whole family began using them. It became our family’s traditional cream.

As I formulated the cream for my daughter, I discovered that creating and formulating skin care products was really exciting and interesting to me. It was challenging, rewarding and it quickly became my passion. I loved it when a principal from a different country would give me a sample of a finished product based on a specific ingredient they wanted me to sell in Thailand but because it was formulated in a colder climate it would feel oily or sticky to the customers purchasing it in Thailand. How a cream or lotion feels on the skin is so very important. Along with fragrance it is the first impression for the user. I would use their active ingredient and create my own formula producing a cream that was not oily or sticky for the customers in Thailand. I became acutely aware of how formulas are affected by and sensitive to climate. As a product developer and sales representative I feel fortunate that the companies I worked for allowed me to exercise my education, knowledge, curiosity, and passion for producing the very best products and I thank all of them.

Active ingredients are just one part of the skincare raw materials equation and I wanted to know more about all of them so in 2007 I accepted a position at The Sun Chemicals Co., Ltd. which is an importer and logistic provider of raw materials for cosmetics & toiletry around the world. While there I worked with and learned more about raw materials. I was also developing new formulas for a wide variety of cosmetic products such as Emulsions, Anhydrous systems, and Sunscreens. I had the opportunity to work with many international suppliers of raw materials and I want to say a special thank you to STRAHL & PITSCH, USA for the opportunity they gave me to work with their products – natural waxes – and to explore the possibilities, increasing my knowledge and experience in formulating the very best highest quality end products. I am grateful and appreciate the knowledge and experience I was able to gain because of the trust and encouragement I received. Formulating products from natural waxes taught me how mysterious they are and the beautiful effect they can have on the finished product. This raw material challenged me and taught me every time I formulated a new product that “Wax is not just wax”, it can contribute to a really unique finished good but you have to research and experiment and not give up until you find the formula that produces the results you are looking for in a natural product.

With my education and after years of experience I became a Consultant, helping my customers create new formulas as well as improving existing formulas. Along the way I developed many of my own formulas and thoughts of how to create a truly remarkable product. While researching and formulating my own products I have had to learn to ignore the fear of failure, to leap in with faith and confidence in my knowledge and abilities, knowing that I will discover hundreds of formulas that do not meet my standards for quality for every one formula that does.

When I create a new formula, I love to contemplate each ingredient for its benefits, function and texture. Exploring, researching and trying new natural ingredients that will produce the end results I have pictured in my mind. Sometimes I can’t sleep at night because of the formulas captivating my thoughts. It is so exhilarating when the ingredients come together in the way I imagined to create a truly wonderful body, hand, or face cream.

When I relocated to the United States in 2013, I decided to bring my formulas, my creations to the international market place and the concept for Jub Skin Care was born.

My work, my passion, is highly specialized, takes time, investment, effort and care to research and develop the very best products by using the highest quality ingredients and natural raw materials combined with new and sometimes unique technology. The result is a very excellent natural high quality product that is safe and pleasant for the skin.

My daughter is 14 now, with beautiful skin. I am thankful and grateful for every person in my life, for every opportunity and experience. Without them I would not be the person I am today and for that I am truly thankful.


Thank you,

                                                                                                                                                                                    Anne Madsen.